Free Skipping Ropes For Crossfit!

Yo boys and girls! Hey, do remember the post I did recently when I talked about skipping to keep fit? Yeah? We’ll I’ve got to tell you about the crossfit jump rope that I just bought.

It’s cool as, nothing like the old rope or leather ropes we had when we were kids. No, this one has a sweet, thin metal wire cable with a plastic casing. It’s light and crazy fast, ideal for high intensity workouts. I’ve used it at Crossfit and found that I’m getting better and double unders. I’ve still got some way to go as it bloody hurts when you keep whipping yourself in the shin with a wire cable, but no pain, no gain, right?

The rope is from a company called Inspired Fitness Gear who sell premium fitness equipment on Amazon. They’ve recently launched their speed jump rope as the first of many products in their range of fitness product to be sold on Amazon. Judging by their website, it looks like their next product will be a set of resistance bands.

Im so glad that I’ve found Crossfit and skipping. Since I last posted, I’ve lost another 7 pounds and my overall fitness has improved dramatically. This really helps with my refrigerator business to as I’ve got alot more energy and it so much easier now to bend down and reach into tight places.

I’ve got to recommend giving Crossfit a go, or at least buy yourself one of these crossfit skipping ropes so you can get a few minutes of exercise in to start the day.

Cheers all, talk soon!


Skipping to the fridge will keep you healthy

I know, I’m a fat bastard. I spend my day repairing refrigerators. Not the most strenuous work. It keeps me busy, but I cant help putting on a few pounds because I just don’t get enough exercise.

Good thing I’ve got a wife that wants a fit husband! She just bought me this really neat skipping rope. I’m trying to get in the habit of doing five minutes of skipping every morning before I go to work. You’d be amazed at what a workout that short can do for you! I’m finding that I’ve got more energy for the rest of the day, making it much easier to bend down and work on the refrigerators. It boosts my metabolism and I feel like I’m burning more energy and eating less during the day. Winner!

I’m actually getting a bit hooked on it. I remember having to skip at school and I fucking hated it. But now, the energy it’s giving me is almost like a drug. I’ve seen pictures and videos on the internet with people skipping at crossfit, doing these crazy double unders. I’m pretty tempted to go and give that a try sometime, except I know that I’m going to hurt for a week after doing one of those workout sessions!

We’ll its back to work for me. Those refrigerators aren’t going to review themselves! I’ve got a new Westinghouse on the way in to check out today, I’m sure you’ll all want to hear about that one soon.

How to best store your dog food in the refrigerator

Have you ever had your fridge stunk out by nasty dog food? I know I have!

Last week, I bought some garlic mince direct from the factory which is only a short drive from my house. My dogs love it, they cant get enough of it. It’s fresh, not the canned crap from the grocery store, but the factory only sell it in bulk. I’ve got to buy it in 5kg slabs!

Which is OK, but the stuff really stinks out the refrigerator. A friend of mine who is a dog trainer suggested cutting it up, wrapping it with cling film and freezing it immediately after purchase. Not only does this help the meat keep for longer so there is no wastage, but the frozen meat doesn’t smell.

So a big cheers for Dan. I no longer have to constantly clean my fridge to get that garlic smell out!

Watch your weight, watch your refrigerator

It’s oh so easy to fill your fridge up with unhealthy junk food. Just one little bad purchase here and there, and before you know it, your refrigerator is full of nasty food that will have you stacking on the pounds in no time.

But there is a solution,

Stop buying crap!

Ok, ok, I know it’s not that easy. A bit of a balance is good but it’s hard to go cold turkey on the junk. Luckily though, there’s some cool supplements that can help out.

One cool product I’ve come across recently is called Adiphene, which I really like because not only does it help to control your appetite, it helps to control cravings for sweet food too. Plus, it helps you to burn fat faster and minimise fat absorption.

So if you make sure to keep some Adiphene handy and take it on a regular basis, it shouldn’t matter too much if you have some cake in the refrigerator.


Keep your Wartrol in the refrigerator?

Argh, it happened again!

I felt a bit of an annoyance while I was out for a long walk on the weekend. Thought I must have had a stone in my sock or something. But no, when I pulled my socks off, I found it. One nasty little wart starting to show it’s head. Bastard!

One of my buddies put me onto the Wartrol wart removal solution, which he reckons is awesome to clear up your warts really quick.

The other tip was to keep your Wartrol in the refrigerator so that it keeps for longer. Win!

So cheers, bro. I’m going to give it a crack and hopefully that nasty little bugger will be gone soon. I’ve got a few more refrigerators to review in the next week which means I need to be able to walk without that stabbing pain.

Watch this space for a review of the latest Samsung refrigerator

Fisher & Paykel : #1 for healthy vegetable crispiness

I’ve seen the best and the worst of refrigerators over the last few years. And there have been some amazing technological improvements too. The worst of today’s fridges are still far better than the best that was available just a few short years ago.

Energy efficiency has vastly improved, and never again will you have to scrape off the frost.

Something else I’ve noticed is that modern refrigerators do a much better job of keeping your vegetables crisp longer. If you’re into your clean eating and love to eat organic veggies, you’re going to want a nice, modern fridge to keep your veggies fresh.

I’ve been running a Fisher & Paykel as my personal fridge for a few months now, and the missus loves it. We’re eating much healthier as we can go and buy enough vegetables to last us the week without having to worry about there being a soggy mess of liquified broccoli :)

I’ve also found the sneaky bird has been slipping some weight loss supplements into my diet too, trying to get that beer gut off me I guess. Comes with the territory if this job, doesn’t it? Hehe.

So yeah, go for the Fisher & Paykel if you want the driest, crispest veggies. It’s my pick.

Stock that refrigerator with healthy stuff

whats in your fridge?Man, my fridge is disgusting at the moment. Just had to clean out the veggie crisper, found a lettuce that had gone way rank! :)

Luckily there was a few beers hiding at the back, I needed one while I was doing the cleanup. That was some tough work. And smelly!

With a fresh refrigerator, I decided it was time to do a healthy shop. I pulled out my favourite Jamie Oliver cookbook, picked out a few delicious and healthy looking recipes and headed off the the local green grocer.

Now I’m set for a ripper of a cook off. All the mates are coming round this weekend for a few brews, and some wicked veggie skewers and a marinaded chook on the barbie.

Go hard!