Fisher & Paykel : #1 for healthy vegetable crispiness

I’ve seen the best and the worst of refrigerators over the last few years. And there have been some amazing technological improvements too. The worst of today’s fridges are still far better than the best that was available just a few short years ago.

Energy efficiency has vastly improved, and never again will you have to scrape off the frost.

Something else I’ve noticed is that modern refrigerators do a much better job of keeping your vegetables crisp longer. If you’re into your clean eating and love to eat organic veggies, you’re going to want a nice, modern fridge to keep your veggies fresh.

I’ve been running a Fisher & Paykel as my personal fridge for a few months now, and the missus loves it. We’re eating much healthier as we can go and buy enough vegetables to last us the week without having to worry about there being a soggy mess of liquified broccoli :)

I’ve also found the sneaky bird has been slipping some weight loss supplements into my diet too, trying to get that beer gut off me I guess. Comes with the territory if this job, doesn’t it? Hehe.

So yeah, go for the Fisher & Paykel if you want the driest, crispest veggies. It’s my pick.

Stock that refrigerator with healthy stuff

whats in your fridge?Man, my fridge is disgusting at the moment. Just had to clean out the veggie crisper, found a lettuce that had gone way rank! :)

Luckily there was a few beers hiding at the back, I needed one while I was doing the cleanup. That was some tough work. And smelly!

With a fresh refrigerator, I decided it was time to do a healthy shop. I pulled out my favourite Jamie Oliver cookbook, picked out a few delicious and healthy looking recipes and headed off the the local green grocer.

Now I’m set for a ripper of a cook off. All the mates are coming round this weekend for a few brews, and some wicked veggie skewers and a marinaded chook on the barbie.

Go hard!